I make aesthetics

& adventures

I’m a remote web/digital designer and I’m creating adventures in my everyday life and inspire others to do the same, both in their work and daily life. For me making design and content is about telling a story and therefore adventures are an important part of my life. I live and share my life, surfing and going on trips in my old van that I restored myself.  I believe that by marking every day an adventure I become a better version of myself at work and of work! My remote work style makes it possible for me to create all sorts of content for you and your brand. Pictures, clips, webdesign or graphics for you campaign or project. Let’s have a talk. I’m glad that you stopped by my univers, because that means we are closer to creating adventures together – if you want to know more, you are more than welcome to reach out.



I have a love for adventures, outdoor life, tools, boardsport, DIY and a burning desire to live life differently and learn as much as i can – Therefore I started sharing the renovation of my van in 2020. The van is my home, when I take trips around Europe to surf and explore.  I decided to spend a lot more energy on building my own brand through Instagram. I want to inspire people to do what they dream of and not to be afraid of living a different life. It’s never too late to live out dreams and if we only try, we can do a lot more than we think.

I’m always looking for interesting and relevant collaborations, so if you are interested you are more then welcome to reach out. 

“I aspire to live differently,

inspire through graphics,

and tell stories”


& curriculum vitae

Like every other working person I have been doing quite a lot of awesome things. I like to keep myself up to date and I’m always keeping track of new trends in the digital marked. Therefore I can with peace in mind say, that you won’t regret working with me – but if you need to know a bit more, you can read it down below or jump right to the work section which is the one i find interesting