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Here are the key elements in my expertise book, but dont hesitate to reach out. All prices are without VAT(Moms), and you will be charged 50% in advance. 


Content creation/

Whatever it’s staging a scene, photography, or creating small clips for SoMe i will help with the content your need for social media. I will let my creativity float and make a moodboard with thoughts and wishes – afterwards I will make your content in the formats you wished for.

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Visual identity/

This contains a logodesign with 2 revisions. A graphic element if sued for your brand. Color pick and analysis for your identity in CMYK, RGB, HEX, PANTONE values.
Finding the typography and example of use.
Help with finding the “Tone of voice” in pictures for your brand. All this will be gathered and presented in a digital presentation book. You will get all source files for your logo.

from kr. 17.200,- / excl. vat


Every webpage is different and therefore variates in layout, design and price. I will help you find your style and design.
I will setup your webpage with a combination of divi, wordpress and woocommerce if needed. I always recommend, that we have a good talk on hangouts where
we go around your wishes, budget and deadline before starting a project.

from kr. 9500,- / excl. vat
But let’s have a talk

Hourly rate/

The hourly rate is invoiced according to hourly consumption. I estimate the task before beginning.
Time tasks are for the ones who need to solve small tasks.

kr. 740,- / excl. vat

ten-journey ticket/

10 hours design help – Get 10% off the hourly price.
The ten-journey ticket will be valid for 1 year. I recommend to buy this, if you know you will need a helping hand with design often. This way it’s cheaper than paying hourly. Before every assignment I will estimate the time i will be using. The ten-journey ticket is valid a year.

kr. 6.660,- / excl. vat


If something isn’t listed i doesn’t mean i cant help you. I have a large experience in both online and printed graphic design and will be more than happy to help. So reach out and let’s talk everything over.

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